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About us

The headquarters of GH Optics Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful North China Spring City, the optical base of Changchun City. With its professional level and mature technology, the company has become an important research and development unit and production base for draw wire sensors at home and abroad. Our company has independent product design and development capabilities, high-quality management system. GH's main products are draw wire sensor, rotary encoders, grating rulers, digital display instruments and flexible couplings. Widely used in fume cupboard 、elevators machine tools,paper machine、textile machine, printing machine, packaging machine、stone, metallurgy, lifting, metal products, plastics, level control, construction machinery and other fields. And many products have been successfully exported to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, etc., and have been recognized and praised by customers. In the future, GH Optics is confident to make world-class and mainstream domestic leading products and create internationally renowned brands.



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