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What role does elevator encoder play in elevator operation

1.Assist transformer work

In elevator use, when the encoder failure, common failure encoder to use time is too long, cause the output is not normal, and affect the elevator inverter can't work normally, in transformer failure cases, can cause the elevator running slow, if not solved for a long time, the lift of the transformer will be inaccurate because receives the signal, leading to transformer faults, so prone to accidents in the operation of the elevator, can be seen from this point the encoder for transformer, play an important role for the operation of the elevator.

2. Change in light

Encoder in use process, in the numerical control devices, programmable logic controller under the joint action of signal, again through the transformation of the angular displacement photoelectric scanning, generally in the process of photoelectric scanning through the vertical irradiation infrared light source, transferring CD? Images to achieve above, you also need to use to the receiver, the receiver of the outer layer will have a layer of grating, under the irradiation of light, the light change into the corresponding power variation.

3. In the process of the use of the elevator is factory pay attention to the timeliness, time is not on the great effects on the elevator, the elevator encoder on the timing effect, usually begins with zero, calculate the elevator encoder pulse number change, output code through the encoder to determine size value, reading and reading time control connected with the elevator.

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