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What are the characteristics of the string displacement encoder in use

The string displacement encoder is composed of wires, drums and springs to drive the machine and encoder.When large measuring ranges are required, compact sensors are used. Typically, the wire rope is made of tensile strength and polyamide coating to protect the environment. The uniform thickness of the wire rope is approximately 0.8mm depending on the measuring range.


Linear motion is transformed into rotary motion by means of string displacement encoder.The free end of the wire is fixed to a moving body.At the open end of the wire is a user - optional threaded shaft for securing the measuring object.The encoder then converts the rotational motion generated by the extension of the line into an electronic signal.Spring-driven motors provide adequate line pretension.This is a spring with a torque load, similar to horological mechanics.The more wire you pull out, the greater the tension on the spring.The advantage of this method is to reduce wire sagging in horizontal Settings.


Encode-based sensor elements can be relied upon for greater service life or accuracy, as in the case of tracing meters.Here, a linearity of +/-0.01% of the measurement range and a longer service life are required.In addition, displacement sensors need to be controlled through digital interfaces, which are increasingly used in medical technology.The frequency of the sensor determines the accuracy of the measured object, and the selection of the corresponding frequency must be selected within the range of the actual measurement. However, in the practical application of the displacement sensor, all products will have a certain signal delay. The smaller the delay time of the selection, the faster the signal transmission rate will be. 

Because of the influence of the structure, the frequency response speed of the string displacement encoder has been determined, and the inertia impact of the spring in the mechanical structure causes the signal frequency to decrease.


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