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How to solve the drift phenomenon of the draw wire displacement encoderr?

How to solve the drift phenomenon of the draw wire displacement encoder?

In the process of using the draw wire displacement encoder, the temperature is easy to produce drift, drift is very affecting the measurement accuracy of the encoder, so photosynthetic photoelectric small compiler for you to analyze the two drift phenomenon in the process of measurement - zero and temperature drift and how to solve this phenomenon:


1. Zero drift. There are many reasons for sensor zero drift.For the draw wire displacement encoder, the parameters of the components in the bridge are not symmetrical.Elastic element and a sensitive grid material temperature coefficient of resistance strain gage, different linear expansion coefficient, comprehensive factors such as set of bridge leads to inconsistent, resulting in overall temperature coefficient of sensor after the bridge adjacent arm has a certain difference, when the temperature changes, the adjacent arm resistance variation is different, so that the bridge output is not balanced, the zero drift.2. Temperature drift, with the increase of time, is equivalent to the aging treatment of the system. In this way, the structural characteristics of the system will change, resulting in drift and zero instability caused by the influence of temperature.


So how to solve the drift phenomenon, let Xiaobian say: solve the temperature drift phenomenon: hardware and software.For the cable displacement encoder, the hardware methods include the appropriate constant resistance method in series and parallel on the bridge arm, the bridge arm thermistor compensation method, the outside series and parallel thermistor compensation method, the double bridge compensation technology, the transistor compensation technology and so on.The software method is to eliminate the offset through the software program, this method corresponds to the digital output of the sensor is very practical, customers can write their own software to achieve, or when the sensor matching digital display table can also be adjusted by the digital display table to achieve.It's very convenient.The above is the drift phenomenon of the draw wire displacement encoder in the process of measurement. How to solve this problem? If you do not understand, you can always consult the small editor or technical personnel,

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