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How to solve the problems of various systems of the draw wire displacement sensor?

How to solve the problems of various systems of the draw wire displacement sensor?

The draw wire displacement sensor type is different, the output signal is different, the outlet way will be different.Mechanical equipment commonly used displacement sensor analog signal output, this signal has a three-wire system voltage output, two-wire system current output and three-wire system current output, so in the process of work its system problems appear, which should be done from?


1. The transmission cable of the sensing system and the power system, the oil line of the hydraulic system (or the air pipe of the air pressure system) are also relatively vulnerable parts. In the daily operation and equipment maintenance, attention should be paid to the protection and inspection of these parts.2, mechanical equipment control system and software failure is also a possible problem in industrial production, which includes control system hardware system aging and failure, and software system collapse and other failures.Usually for the aging of hardware facilities, short circuit, poor contact and other reasons caused by the system fault, should be replaced in time with a new controller.Software problems are solved by conventional means such as reboot, system upgrade and system optimization.
3. Check whether the parameter setting of the sensor system is abnormal.Due to the operator's error, the sensor system parameters may be set improperly, such as displacement sensor parameters set wrong, resulting in large displacement measurement deviation, inaccurate position positioning problems.For the long-term use of the sensor system, sensor aging, sensor circuit joint loosening and other problems, technical personnel should be timely arranged to replace the new electronic components. The above three points are enough to explain the system problem of the rope displacement sensor. If you do not understand the system problem, please contact GlorieWang E:glorie@guang-he.cn at any time, welcome your attention!



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