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Performance characteristics of analog cable displacement encoder

The two kinds of signal voltage and current of the cable displacement encoder are all called the analog signal. The analog signal is widely used in the industrial control system of the automation industry.Since the emergence of fieldbus, many people believe that analog signal transmission will be eliminated by fieldbus technology. However, decades have passed, the development of analog signal products is more and more abundant, and the cost and signal transmission stability are better than that of fieldbus technology.


1. Both voltage output type displacement sensor and current output type displacement sensor have their own characteristics and advantages.

2. Users can choose freely according to their needs and site conditions.However, the displacement reduces the error of the displacement measurement and control system, and the input impedance of the voltage signal should be as large as possible, while the input impedance of the current signal should be as small as possible.


3, for the numerical control system, whether the voltage signal, current signal or digital signal, into the processor to determine the level is actually high and low, if the selection of current signal, but also load the appropriate load resistance converted into voltage signal after use.

4. For the special occasions where the field environment is complex, the interference is more serious or the long-distance transmission is needed, it is recommended to give priority to the current output displacement sensor.

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