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Matters needing attention when using RS485 draw wire displacement sensor and how to realize communication

RS485 draw wire displacement sensor and how to achieve communication of the mechanical gear set of RS485 cable displacement encoder is really multi-turn, full digital value.RS485 free protocol output, easy to connect all kinds of PLC and upper computer equipment.Multi - purpose, multi - function, direct corresponding to multi - turn Angle, multi - turn length, rotation and translation speed measurement.

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Signal output mode: brown 10-30VDC working power supply, white 0V GND, green RS485 output A, yellow RS485 output B, gray external position high level in.Allow line in blue setting: when setting mode, the blue line and the brown line of the encoder are connected to the positive power supply together, and the white line is connected to the ground wire of the power supply.At this point, the communication rate of the encoder is fixed at 19200bps.It is recommended to connect the blue line and white line together to the power ground wire in the non-set mode, that is, when working normally.Matters needing attention in RS485 communication:

1.Communication speed and transmission distance is a pair of contradictions.The higher the rate, the closer the transmission distance, but also the more stable, and vice versa.

2.When the external electromagnetic interference is strong, the external position line should be connected to the high level in the encoder position, but it is suggested to force the low level after the end of the position to prevent the encoder from suddenly returning to zero due to the external interference.

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3.When the external electromagnetic interference is strong, it is best to use double shielded cable for RS485 wiring.

4.When multiple encoders are connected to the host computer, because the data returned by the encoder has no parity check, it is suggested to distinguish the data returned by each encoder in time during the programming of the host computer.5.When there is a motor in the system, the encoder power needs to be isolated from other power sources.Because RS485 circuit is in the differential form, A+, B- are with voltage, constant time grounding or high level will cause RS485 circuit damage.Above considerations is RS485 wire displacement encoder and how to realize communication, GH Opptics co., LTD is a professional draw wire displacement sensor and the supporting system of high-tech enterprise waterproof displacement sensor, explosion-proof displacement sensor sales, quality assurance, welcome the masses of the user consulting, we hope to cooperate with you.




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